General Information

Virtual Air Traffic Control

Virtual Air Traffic Control (vATC) is the cornerstone of our hobby. It comprises of a group of virtual Air Traffic Controllers (vATCO) whose “job” is to simulate as realistically as possible the duties of a real ATCO which are, mainly, to maintain the safe, orderly and expeditious flow of air traffic. Our objective is to perform all these tasks with realism but without adversely affecting the fun-factor of our hobby.

The vATC group is NOT a closed group. It consists of simulator hobbyists who can be pilots at the same time (usually most vATCOs start with the pilot-simmer “side”).

In the Training section you can read in detail how you can become members of this group.

How vATC is performed

vATC takes place in the VATSIM network through three free software, ASRC, VRC & EuroScope. In the accompanying picture you can see a snapshot of a EuroScope screen. As you can see, aircraft details provided to the vATCO are both vast and interesting.

HvACC Active Controllers – 32
HvACC Visiting Controllers – 7

vATC is exciting!

vATC may seem monotonous and easy. This can be true only if we are dealing with only one aircraft.

On the other hand, many times you will be faced with complex traffic flows, where you will have to control many aircraft in various flight portions, e.g. issuing taxi instructions, vectoring aircraft for approach or separating aircraft in-flight!

Become a controller