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Virtual Airlines

What is a virtual airline

Virtual airlines (VA) are groups of aviation enthusiasts active in the virtual aviation environment, that aim mainly at realistically simulating the operation of their real-life counterparts. Many virtual airlines have a strong presence on the world wide web, comparable to that of the real airlines they simulate.

History & organizational status

The first VAs started along with the Internet in the early ’90s, so it’s not rare to encounter companies with over a decade of presence in the virtual aviation world. Most of them are non-profit clubs or organizations and they usually strive to maintain a flight schedule as true as possible to the real company they simulate. Furthermore many VAs operate under the auspices and with the aid of real-world aviation companies.

The structure usually features such positions as:

  • CEO,
  • Founder,
  • Event Designer/Coordinator,
  • Liaison & Public Relations,
  • Pilots Director,
  • Fleet Director,
  • Tour Design Team,
  • Academy Chief/ Chief Instructor,
  • Operations and Management Committee Director,
  • Web Master & Web Utilities Designer/ R&D

Another category of virtual airlines is totally fictional – they do not simulate any real companies, while others, usually smaller ones, band together and use a common name, website and schedule.

What do they offer

Pilots who “work” for Virtual Airlines must own a flight simulator (software) in order to be able to fly the scheduled flights. Usually a pilot log is kept on the website of the VA with varying amounts of detail (depending on the company).

Enrollment into a virtual airline is for many the next step in furthering the virtual aviation hobby. The realism level is quite high, with several companies even having a virtual payroll for their aircrews. Even these companies though (or most of them) offer entry level positions without the need for one to get involved in any complex economics.

Hellenic Virtual Airlines

Quite a few VAs are active in Greece and are aknowledged both by VATSIM and the HvACC.

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