Visiting and Transferring regulations are defined in the new policy.

The following apply for those who wish to become visiting controllers in the HvACC. Τhe applicant must:

  • Hold at least an S3 rating
  • Have their competency evaluated in an Over-The-Shoulder check for major airport
  • Log 15 hours per six months of which the 6 hours should be in the first 3 months on the validated position(If this requirement is not met, there is a time restriction of 6 months for a new visiting request)

Understanding Greek is strongly recommended when controlling in Greece, both in oral and written form (in greek or latin characters), e.g. for the following reasons:

The ability to understand/follow the Controller discussions on the forum is also advised.

If the applicant belongs to another Division/Region then additionally the “Transfer and Visiting Controller Policy” requirements, as well as the VATEUR policy for “ATC privileges of resident, transferring and visiting Europe Region members” must be followed.

Getting a visiting controller status doesn’t automatically grand you Athens Venizelos Airport (LGAV) / TMA control allowance (Major Airport requirements) unless those requirements are met during the visiting controller check.

Policy (Active 21 February 2020)

Official HvACC Visiting Controllers List

NameVATSIM IDRatingApproved Position(s)
Adar Polachek1309237ControllerLCCC (ALL)
Alex Metcalfe1369259ControllerLGKR APP
Anastasios petros Stefopoulos901134AdministratorALL
Andrew Debidondi1343700Senior StudentLGAV-LCLK APP
Brodie Murdoch1306312ControllerLCCC (ALL)
Cameron Wilbraham1411415Senior StudentLGZA TWR
Raz Niv1306808InstructorLCCC (ALL)

This list is automatically updated every 24 hours.