The Hellenic (Greek) virtual ACC (HvACC) is a subdivision of VATSIM EUROPE and aspires to assist flight simulator pilots (Microsoft FS, Prepar3D, X-Plane etc) to fly online in the VATSIM Network using vPilot (or swift / xPilot etc.) in a realistic air traffic environment and discover the beauty of Greece and the numerous challenging approaches and island hopping opportunities this part of the world has to offer.

The Hellenic virtual ACC also supports virtual Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs) using Euroscope offering ATC within the Hellenic virtual FIR. The team of the Hellenic virtual ACC consists of real-life pilots and Air Traffic Controllers and flight simulator enthusiasts, who are dedicated to developing and maintaining high quality virtual ATC services within Greece.

Become a member

To become a member of the Hellenic vACC, if you have already an account on VATSIM and are assigned to the European Division (VATEUD), you need to send an email to and You can use the template below and just fill your VATSIM ID.

Dear Membership Director of VATEUD,

Please assign me to the Hellenic vACC of VATEUD, my VATSIM ID is XXXXXXX.

Best Regards,

If you are not registered on VATSIM you need to follow these steps ( and make sure that you choose VATEUD as your assigned Division.


Come and say hello

The Hellenic vACC, for all those who share the same love and passion for aviation and want to be able to communicate in a more direct way, ask questions, solve problems and also to share views and ideas, maintains a Discord Server.
Discord provides a free to use Voice Over IP application which you can can download from their site.

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